The Roster of Wayfarers

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New adventurers to our bustling town of Theissia are encouraged to check in at the taproom of the Wayfarer's Society Chapter House. Travel around the Inner Sea nations, meet interesting monsters and slay them.

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The Roster of Wayfarers

Postby PMiller » Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:26 am

Male Human, 3rd Level Barbarian/Fighter: Kriger - 4932 XP
Male Dwarf, 2nd Level Cleric: Garm Yrgrimsun - 2991 XP
Female Aasimar, 2nd Level Paladin: Sierra - 1525 XP

Retired or Inactive:
spoiler: show
Male Half-orc, 2nd Level Alchemist(Vivisectionist/Ragechemist): Kelvin - 2991 XP
Male Gnome, 3rd Level Rogue/Druid: Frakas Shortankard - 5148 XP
**Female Elf, 3rd Level Wizard: Xia Galondel - 3823 XP -> Being retired for Shavauna
Female Tiefling(Halfling), 3rd Level Wizard: Shavauna Surefoot - 3823 XP
Male Human, 2nd Level Rogue: Kendre M. Verath - 2991 XP
**Male Human, 2nd Level Cleric: Veric Moss - 3151 XP -> Being retired for Randarin
Male Elf, 2rd Level Fighter/Ranger: Randarin - 3151 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Wizard: Arkady Wolcott - 480 XP
Male Elf, 1st Level Inquisitor: Tag Urit - 881 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Wizard: Gavin Ricker - 578 XP
Male Human, 2nd Level Ranger: Sharn Eliassa - 2559 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Monk (Drunken Master): Tramon Pegason - 978 XP
Male Gnome, 3rd Level Oracle: Basnite - 3652 XP
Male Aasimar, 2nd Level Sorcerer: Viktor - 1525 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Rogue: Alan Irving - 0 XP
Female Human, 1st Level Witch (Hedge Witch): Leliadlara - 0 XP
Male Elf, 1st Level Fighter (Free hand): Alnuae - 0 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Rogue: Gavin Ricker - 0 XP
Female Half-elf, 1st Level Cleric: Karyis Ethrall - 0 XP
Male Tiefling, 1st Level Wizard: Raphaël - 0 XP
Male Elf, 1st Level Wizard: Keanu Cidolfus - 200 XP - NPC'd
Male Aasimar, 1st Level Inquisitor of Persistence: Hannibal - 0 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Rogue: Kestrel - 0 XP
Male Human, 2nd Level Rogue: Tanath - 1325 XP
Male Human, 1st Level Bard (Savage Skald): Quorthon War-Tongue - 401 XP
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Sierra, Aasimar Paladin of Iomedae

Postby Sierra » Sat Jun 11, 2011 3:38 am


Description: Slender, yet muscular build and attractive. She has blue eyes and her hair is platinum to almost white. She keeps it long, about halfway down her back. Her muscles are very toned from rigorous martial training, but she does have a decently curved figure.

Personal Style: She wears blue and light blue colors to adorn her outfits, even while wearing armor. She leaves her hair flowing loose and free. She displays her holy symbol of Iomedae around her neck and has it also painted on her shield.

Personality: A cheerful and but often serious woman. She enjoys talking and being sociable. She has taken the teachings of Iomedae to heart and upholds the tenants of her code of conduct. She is intelligent and pays attention to tactical situations, yet often listens to the opinions of others before trying to exert her will. Though she is faithful to her goddess, she doesn't zealously try to convert others, believing that they will worship who they will. She believes in justice and honor. Her word is her bond, once given she will not lie or deceive.

Little is known to Sierra of how she came to be, just that she has fallen from Heaven and was reborn in the body of a 10 year old Aasimar girl with a sibling, Viktor. Neither has memories of the life they had before. They were adopted by an elven community, and old warrior named Coravel Aeron took them into his home and accepted responsibility for their lives until they reached adulthood.

Sierra was instructed in the teachings of Iomedae and showed aptitude of the martial skills and divine graces of a potential champion of light. With that path in her future, Coravel instilled upon her the sense of justice, honor, and duty she would need to be successful.

Combat Spoiler Block:
spoiler: show
Free Action:
Move Action:
Standard Action:
Free Action:

Current AC: 17 (19 with Shield - 15 Flat-footed /12 Touch)
Current HP: 12/12 remaining.
Current Weapon in Hand: Lucerne hammer
Conditions in effect: Aura of Good, Resist 5 Cold, Acid, & Electricity
Chakrams: 10/10 remaining
Smite Evil (+2 Att/+2Dmg): 1/1 remaining
Daylight Spell: 1/1 remaining

Level Ups:
spoiler: show
Paladin -> 2
HP: +9 -> 21
BAB: +1 -> 2
Fort: +1 -> 3 base
Will: +1 -> 3 base
Feature: Divine Grace, +CHA bonus to all saves (+2)
Feature: Lay on Hands 3x/day
Skills: +4 (Diplomacy, Heal, Knowledge Nobility, Ride)
Aasimar Paladin: Sierra
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Kriger, Human Barbarian

Postby Kriger » Sun Jun 12, 2011 1:15 pm


Description: Kriger is of medium build, muscled but not overly large coming up at about 6ft. Kriger face contains piercing green eyes, and a head of blond hair that comes down to his shoulders. His face always has an unshaven look. The man's body and face are covered with scars having spent the majority of his youth in the woods. His expression is dark, and brooding, and always has the look of rage not being far away.

Personal Style: Functional and straightforward leathers pants and shirts that are colored dark brown and black in order to easily blend in with nature, accompanied by good huntsmen boots and cloak. Kriger has little use for style…

Personality: Kriger is blunt and to the point normally, but has the patience and guile of hunter that betrays keen intelligence when things become serious. The exception to this is when Kriger lets loose his rage, in which case, he becomes reckless and destructive.

Background: Kriger was the son of a huntsmen, and thus spent much of his youth enjoying in the woods near the village were they lived. Kriger's father was a practical man, and often times hard out of necessity. Much of which went into shaping his son into the man he has become today. As soon as Kriger grew old enough, he accompanied his father on many of his hunting and trading trips. The father seeing no reason for the son to go to waste, set him to task to learn his trade, in order to be useful. The hunting and trading trips they would take, carried Kriger and his father away from their home village for weeks at a time, sometimes deep into the wilderness, and sometimes into shadier dealings with orc and bandit groups. Overtime, Kriger learned to fight, to trade, and to survive on his own.

Eventually, the wanderlust of youth took hold of Kriger. Kriger's father, having been young once before, suggested that the young man strike out on his own. He had taught the son all he could, and it was time for Kriger to experience what the world had to offer. And so with his father's blessing, Kriger set out for the nearby city of Theissia. The youth had heard promising things of the local Wayfarer's Society chapter, and figure it was good as any place to see the world and have some adventure.

Character Level-up 4 | Show
Taking Barbarian 3 (invulnerable rager arch)
HP +12, +1 HP from favored class (37->49)
BAB +1 (3->4)
Ref +1 (0->1)
Will +1 (0->1)
Ability +1 str (18->19)
Class Features: Extreme Endurance - Cold
6 skill points:
+1 Bluff (3->4), +1 acrobatics (2->3), +1 perception (2->3), +1 know nature (2->3),+1 swim (0->1), +1 intimidate(2->3)
Kriger, Adventurer's of Golarion
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Re: The Roster of Wayfarers

Postby Garm » Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:23 pm

Garm Yrgrimsun

spoiler: show
Of medium height and build (for a dwarf), Garm sports a full beard in an unsophisticated style (again, for dwarves), with two golden rings woven in. He dresses in simple, sturdy clothing, well-made boots and armour that is robust yet allows considerable freedom of movement. He sports a blackened, pitted warhammer that never leaves his side.

spoiler: show
Sociable enough when dealing with those around him, Garm has few close friends and often comes across as somewhat reserved to those that do not know him. He enjoys the presence of other races but is guarded around particular dwarven clans, as he feels that he and his family have been unjustly treated in the past. Amongst his true friends and family, however, Garm is a trusted companion and an irrepressible optimist who always feels things will turn out for the better in the end. His faith in Torag is strong, but it expresses itself most profoundly in a love for the wild, deep places rather than the settled lands near or at the surface. In this sense, he follows a more solitary, mystical calling than might be considered typical for Torag's clergy.

spoiler: show
Born in Janderhoff, but raised in a small community in the Mindspin Mountains, young Garm from an early age was fascinated by tales of what lay beneath his feet. Years ago, Garm's family backed the losing side in a political powerstruggle in Janderhoff. As a result, they found life increasingly uncomfortable through petty discrimination, and eventually decided to leave the city. Garm's parents continue to resent their exile to a hamlet in the countryside and some of their attitudes have rubbed off on Garm, especially when it comes to people unfairly enjoying privilege, as he sees it. He continues to harbour resentment at the treatment of his family and as a result, has begun to sidestep the various rules and regulations governing traditional dwarven society that nevertheless allow such injustice.

He first felt the calling to join the priesthood of Torag in his early teens, but was prevented from undertaking formal priestly training at the prestigious church of Torag in Janderhoff, likely through machinations by his family's political opponents. Undeterred, he sought what training he could from his local priest before setting out as an itinerant cleric for himself. The power of the Father of Creation was self-evident to him, but not necessarily in the excellent craftsmanship of stonework in operational dwarven mines and cities. Rather, it was expressed most strongly in the deep places, in the twisted tunnels, giant caverns and underground lakes below the settled lands. This has tended to set him apart from other clergy, who see their tasks more closely entwined with society.

Over time, he has become an avid explorer of deeper and deeper tunnels, often going deeper than others might consider prudent. He has several reasons for this: On the one hand, driven by the dwarven tradition of Gladdringar (though some might say out of sheer ambition), he wishes to explore tunnels no dwarf has set foot in for centuries. In addition, he wishes to learn as much as possible about those races and species who live beneath for the continued security of his people. Beyond that, however, lies an almost mystical link to the deep places that calls to him, seeking to become closer to Torag through His connection with earth and stone. He is eager to learn about/from those beings that have a natural affinity with such underground environments. He has always been particularly fascinated by tales of the great Stoneriver the Unstoppable, Torag's sacred bulette, and secretly hopes that one day the Father of Creation might grant his childhood wish of seeing this mighty creature.

Following several years of serving his church in the Mindspin Mountains, Garm has since set out on his travels to expand his knowledge of what lies beneath. Whilst he is quite comfortable at the surface, he only truly comes alive when exploring caves at the very edge of dwarven territory. He has previously teamed up with various groups of adventurers exploring particularly interesting cave systems, acting as a source of information while expanding his own knowledge, as well as dispensing curative magic when needed. He has only recently arrived in Theissia and has sought out the Wayfarer's Society on the advice of one of his uncles, a trader with connections in these parts.

Character sheet:

3rd Level-Up | Show
+10 HP
New feat: Rapid Reload
Base Attack Bonus +1
Ref save +1
+3 Skill points (2 ranks in Heal, 1 rank in Handle Animal)
Channel energy: 2d6
Access to 3 2nd-level spell slots per day (Spell save DC 15 - NB these are to be filled once he gets a chance at prayer the next morning.)

4th Level-Up | Show
Attack: Melee +5, CMB +5, Ranged +3
Saves: Fort +8, Will +8
1 extra 1st- & 2nd-level spell per day
+3 skill points (2x Ride, 1x Handle Animal)

+1HD (6 hp), +1hp for favoured class (Clr) + Con bonus (+3 hp) = 42 hp total
Ability score increase: +1 Wis (to 18) -> Will save to +9, increases spell save DC, various skill bonuses
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Re: The Roster of Wayfarers

Postby Gaius » Fri Jun 20, 2014 4:19 am

"I don’t think you want to mess with my friend. I just might impale you for the trouble."

Character Name: Gaius Sparhawk
Gender/Race: Male Human
Age: 22
Class: Cavalier
Role: Mounted warrior

Description | Show
Gaius is a tall, muscular man with bulging arms and legs. From years in the saddle, he does have a bow-legged stance. His close cropped hair is brown and most of the time he looks unshaven. He never lets his hair grow long enough to catch on his helm. He has piercing blue eyes. He carries himself with a martial demeanor, befitting his vows to the Order of the Dragon. Even unarmed and wearing regular clothes, he has the look of a warrior in his stance and movements.
"Personality" | Show
Gaius is generally a gruff man, not afraid to tell people what he really thinks. Most of the time he is quite blunt or direct, the arts of diplomacy either foreign or uninteresting. He is not one to engage in frivolous conversation either. Even if he appears to be soft-spoken, it is generally his way of keeping his opinion tactfully to himself.

In contrast, amongst his close friends and companions, he can be pleasant enough and even have a sense of humor, though often his humor tends to be on the dark side or black. He is loyal to his companions and compassionate when it comes to his destrier, Justiel.

He is an analytical thinker and a tactician. He believes in honor and when he makes a promise, he fully intends to keep it. In the heat of the battle he can be bloodthirsty and very pragmatic.
Strengths and Weaknesses | Show
  • Strong in body and heart
  • His word is his bond
  • Defends his honor and his allies' honor
  • Loyal to his companions & team player
  • Bloodthirsty in battle
  • Gruff and blunt in manner
  • Not the most social

Background | Show
Gaius was born in Kenabres, his mother taking a crusading knight as a lover with the purpose of continuing the noble warrior's Sparhawk lineage. To ensure his son would carry on his name, Lucius married the young girl and provided a stipend from his spoils of war. Lucius had been battling demons and their minions as his father and his father before him. But the warrior was not one for settling down and was determined to continue fighting. Lucius died in the early years of the Fourth Crusade and Gaius only heard that he was brave knight and capable warrior at the end, but time was catching up to him.

Growing up in Kenabres, Gaius had made friends with another boy, Stratmill Vond in the neighborhood. When he found out, his father did not approve, yet he had not been around to stop it either. The pair were prone to get into trouble, but Gaius was bigger and stronger for his age and kept them from getting beat up by other boys their age.

However, at age 10 Gaius was sent away to be fostered with an experienced knight, Sir Kedric Horngood. His father had made the arrangements years before he died and told his mother to expect Iomedae's Paladins to send someone upon the boy's tenth birthday. Initially, the lad was sorry to leave his friend and go away with a stranger who was not very happy and a stern disciplinarian. Gaius was rebellious and prone to try and escape off on his own.

Gaius was broken of that habit quickly when demonic worshipping cultists captured him and took him away. He forced to take part in a demonic ritual. However, whatever the ritual’s purpose may have been, it didn’t work out the way Gaius’s captors envisioned. Instead corrupting his soul, the ritual’s energy was absorbed into him and made into his own. The added strength and chaos of the ritual’s failure was enough to afford the tough lad the opportunity to narrowly escape. Ever since then, Gaius had been haunted by strange nightmares about the ritual. He no longer felt like running away either, much to Sir Kedric’s satisfaction, but the energies that bathed Gaius left him changed in ways he doesn’t completely understand.

After the ordeal, Gaius continued training with Sir Kedric willingly and with purpose. He was more interested in the martial side of things, not wholly embracing the faith of Iomedae. He certainly did not feel worthy of being called to be one of the pious and righteous champions of light. Once reaching adulthood, those energies Gaius had absorbed changed, like he was able to harness them to compliment his own skill of arms. He was unable to learn more about the ritual or what it was for, but the question still lingered in the back of his head and instilled a fury against demonkind. But he still valued honor and valor, but held to the precepts of Order of the Dragon instead. He believed in loyalty and friendship, and was willing to lay down his life to protect his allies for their sake, not because his goddess expected it.

After reaching the end of his apprenticeship, Gaius returned to Kenabres and renewed his friendship with Strat. While he had grown, the bond of friendship as children was still there. While the socialized together in the taverns, Gaius did not wholly approve of the older boy’s choice of continuing in the family business. Yet, Gaius thought there was some worth in trying to steer his boyhood friend to something more worthy. Even after all those years the younger, yet stronger man, wanted to look out for his friend and protect him. The “Cockroaches of Kenabres” are a necessity, but the young knight believed that his friend Strat could actually be something more.

Taking an opportunity travel in the southern lands, Gaius convinced Strat to come with him to get away from Kenabres. The both needed some seasoning and there were opportunities to be had.

Justiel the destrier | Show
Justiel: Light Riding Horse Animal CompanionImage
Justiel's Sheet

Description: Justiel is larger than average light riding horse, and a fine specimen of a destrier. His black coat is glossy and the hair of his mane is black and about a foot long. The fur around his hooves is longer as well. He doesn't have parts of his coat that are lighter in color, except a white patch in the center of his torso at the base of his neck, just above where the leather straps of his saddle and barding meet. His hooves are iron shod.
    Age: 3
    Height: 6' 0" at the shoulder
    Weight: 1500 lbs
    Eyes: Black
    Fur: Black
Personality: Justiel is a fearless and impetuous horse, yet faithful to he master. He has great fondness for the two legged man riding him. He can be very protective and violent when threatened. He doesn't say much, but when he does it usually is to prove a point or is very important.

Notable NPC | Show
Sir Kedric HorngoodImage
Sir Kedric Horngood is a male human 42 years old and a paladin of Iomedae.

Originally from Taldor, he made a name for himself in his younger years fighting orcs in Belkzen. His companions were journeymen warriors and included a cleric of Iomedae, Lenore. Over time he developed a relationship with the young priestess and they were planning to get married. Because of her, Sir Kedric became a stalwart follower of The Inheritor and was initiated as one of her paladins fully embracing the way of honor and justice. In the final battle of their campaign against the orcs, Lenore was killed. Sir Kedric was heart-broken and slipped into depression. The high priest of Iomedae, the venerable man that knighted him, showed compassion and consoled the grief-stricken warrior to help him find a new purpose. He encouraged him to travel north to Mendev and help in the training of young warriors there.

He is strongly built man, 6' 1" with short cropped brown hair on his head. He is starting to show his age as evidenced by gray hair stating to appear in his trimmed beard. He wears well crafted plate mail armor and carries a heavy steel shield. On his belt is a finely made longsword, rumored to share a special bond with him and is blessed by Iomedae. When mounted on his brown and white destrier, he also carries a well-made lance.

4th Level-up | Show
Cavalier 4th level
+1 Str for Ability Increase
BAB +1
Fort +1
HP +11 (Includes FC Bonus)
SP +6 (Perception, Ride, Sense Motive, Climb, Survival, Intimidate)
Add +1x/day to Challenge
Add Expert Trainer

+1 BAB, +1 Ref, +1 Fort, +1 Con, +12HP, +1 SP
5th Level-up | Show
Cavalier 5th level
BAB +1
HP +11 (Includes FC Bonus)
SP +6 (Perception, Ride, Sense Motive, Handle Animal x2, Intimidate)
Add Banner
Add Power Attack

+1 BAB, +9HP, +1 SP, Power Attack, +1 SP (Intimidate)
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Re: The Roster of Wayfarers

Postby Strat » Tue Jun 24, 2014 8:40 am


Name: Strathmill Vond
Age: 25
Race: Human
Class: Bard (Archaeologist)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 170 lbs.

Appearance: Strat has appealingly wholesome features – boy-next-door looks, a generous smile, big sincere blue eyes. His hair is the color of rich coffee, thick and swept in unkempt waves across his brow, and his voice is low and pleasant. He’s just on the short side of average, just on the stocky side of healthy. He has a habit of looking people in the eyes when he speaks to them, peppering his speech with ‘ma’am’ and ‘sir’, nodding seriously when lectured to, and looking terribly distressed when he’s told about terrible things. He is well-mannered and pleasant, his go-to look neat yet casual, his clothing well-cared for yet unpretentious. He dresses in earthen tones, breeches and a shirt and sometimes a vest, usually a hooded cloak. No one goes unarmed in Kenabres, so he wears a short sword openly at his side.

Personality: Strat is a lot of things. Terribly curious is one, and it’s gotten him in trouble before, but fortunately for him, he’s gotten a little wiser as he’s gotten older. In general, however, he’s what the ladies at church would call a ‘very nice young man’ – polite, attentive, respectful to his elders, nice to children and animals. He’s very understanding, even when someone confesses something awful, looking at them with neither judgment nor pity in his eyes. He’s accepting of differences, supportive, and helpful.

In spite of his pleasant exterior, he doesn’t have much of a conscience, and can be utterly ruthless when it’s necessary. Quite fortunately for Kenabres, what’s necessary is order in the streets, enough laws to make sure that commerce continues apace, and enough death and danger to tempt even the noblest of warriors to indulge. Strat is a good businessman, and a good judge of character; he has a smile on his face, and a dagger behind his back.

Strengths: Keeps his head in stressful situations, observant, careful. Devoid of sentimentality, practically-minded. Knows people in town, knows secrets about people in town. Keeps secrets about people in town. Works well with others, pleasant to deal with, often the peacemaker when others squabble. Not squeamish about blood, guts, or gore.

Weaknesses: Lacks a conscience (though he would call that a strength), goes with the flow and doesn’t make waves, forms only superficial relationships. Can be a thrill-seeker at times, too curious for his own good. Has what he likes to refer to as an “enhanced self-preservation instinct.”

Background: Strat is the youngest child of Kenabres’ reigning crimelord, Donovan Vond. The Vonds are old-school criminals, going way back to the early Crusades, when the fight was still fresh and various war profiteers rolled in to make some quick money. Competition was fierce in those days, and the Vonds were particularly ruthless, eventually coming out on top. Now they’re regarded as a necessary evil by most, but still disdained by a few. They control the black market in the area, offering vice and other hard-to-find goods. Need a magical sword? Sure thing, but you’ll pay a pretty copper for it. Need drugs? Whores? No problem.

It’s never a problem.

One priestess of Iomadae called them the “Cockroaches of Kenabres”, and the name has stuck – they survive, and they thrive in this realm of death.

Strat grew up as the baby of the family, indulged and fussed over, spoiled rotten, but instead of it making him crave attention, he started to avoid it, and spend time by himself, exploring the town and its environs, talking to strangers, observing. One time he even made it behind enemy lines, but was saved by the intervention of a mysterious woman. He got a thorough scolding for that one; he had been lucky, his parents said. But luck has seemed to stay with him. He’s picked up a few other tricks along the way. A little bit of magic, a little bit of combat training. He’s stronger than he looks, but mostly he relies on quick wits and a quicker tongue.

When he matured, he went to work for the family, just like his other brothers and sisters – a good son, and a good Vond. In theory. But the truth was, his friend Gaius didn’t want to see him going down the same path as his infamous family. It was Gaius who persuaded him to leave Kenabres and seek their fortune together. Strat went, against the wishes of his father and his family.

Strat level 4 | Show
Added Bard 4
+1 BAB
+1 Ref, +1 Will
+7 HP
+1 to caster level
+1 to CON score (+4 HP)
Bardic Knowledge bonus increases to +2 due to levelup (bonus is half level to knowledge checks)
Clever Explorer bonus increases to +2 due to levelup (bonus is half level to Perception and Disable Device checks)
+2 2nd level spells known (added Cure Moderate Wounds and Silence)
1+1 bonus 2nd level spell can be cast per day
+1 to Concentration
+10 skill points (6+2 INT bonus +1 Human sp bonus +1 favored class bonus) (Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: Religion, Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Stealth, Use Magic Device)
+1 Rogue talent - Trap Spotter

Strat level 5 | Show
Added Bard 5
+7 HP
+1 Feat, took Combat Expertise
+1 to Archaeologist’s Luck (total of +3)
+1 to caster level
+1 2nd level spells known (added Glitterdust)
+1 1st level spell and +1 2nd level spell can be cast per day
+1 to Concentration 
Gains Lore Master
+10 skill points (6+2 INT bonus +1 Human sp bonus +1 favored class bonus) (Bluff, Diplomacy, Disable Device, Knowledge: Arcana, Knowledge: History, Perception, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Stealth, Use Magic Device)
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Re: The Roster of Wayfarers

Postby Civit » Sat Aug 22, 2015 12:52 am

Katya Daelin


Human Sorceress, Sylvan bloodline

Background:Katya was always ill at ease at home. She would often disappear into the forest and the meadows near her home, often being punished for staying out all night. When she could no longer take it at home she left to the forest for the last time. She eeked by, just surviving, but she had never been happier. One morning, awakening under a pile of leaves she had gathered to keep her warm, she found herself staring in the face of a cougar only 2 feet from her. She screamed, but the cougar didn't budge, it just kept looking at her. Timidly, she reached out to touch the wild creature. It made no move to pull away from her. When her hand touched it's soft coat, she was filled with a feeling of power. She had felt it before, in the way someone sees something in the shadows out of the corner of their eye. But now she recognized the power, and it was hers to control.
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